Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    A Critical Evaluation of Analytic Philosophers’ (Putnam-Moore-Wittgenstein-Chalmers-DeRose) Solutions for the Problem of External World Skepticism    M.Sc.    SEYEDARASH HOSSEINI    1400/07/29
2    The Effect of Plato,s Metaphysics on His Political Theory    M.Sc.    razie ameri    1400/07/28
3    Critical analysis of the project "Critique of Islamic Wisdom" by Mohammad Arkon    M.Sc.    abbas mahdavi khah    1400/07/03
4    A study of narrative documents of Professor Motaharis view on decree and destiny with a focous on the two books Tawhid-al-Saduq and Kafi    M.Sc.    torabi ali akbar    1400/02/26
5    The Relation of Art and Technology in Benjamin and Heidegger    M.Sc.    fouad zeidanlooi    1399/11/07
6    Mulla Sadara and Heidegger's Similarities and Differences of Their Philosophical Approach    Ph.D    mohammad taghi ghahremani fard    1399/10/24
7    Constant and variable relationship in religion from the perspective of soroush and motahari    M.Sc.    fatemeh sajedinasab    1399/08/24
8    The relation between Reason and Religion from Fakhr al-Din al-Razi and mollasadra viewpoints    Ph.D    abdulkarim keshvari    1399/04/30
9    Comparison of the theories of Henry Corbin and Allame Tabatabai about the perfect man and Imam mahdi (a.j)    Ph.D    zahra hesammohamadi    1398/06/30
10    Natural Human Rights From the perspective of Molla sadra and Its fundamentals    Ph.D    Aliasghar Yazdanbakhsh    1397/11/29
11    Secular Ethics from the Viewpoint of Mostafa Malekian (analyze, review, and critique)    M.Sc.    hamideh rahmani    1397/11/27
12    Explaining the theory of pluralism (within the religion) in the field of Islamic jurisprudence and its implications for religious education    Ph.D    abolfazl aliabadi    1397/11/25
13    The epistemological position of the introspection with Mulla Sadra and Ibn Sina    Ph.D    meysam azizian mosleh    1397/06/25
14    Reading the similarity of the hermeneutic approach to language in Heidegger's thought with the applied and normative approach to language in later Wittgenstein's thought    M.Sc.    Amir Samsami    1397/06/24
15    Analysis and Review of the Prophetic Dream Theory of Dr. Soroush    M.Sc.    abdolmalek habashi balouch    1396/11/25
16    The Influences Of Logical Innovations On The Philosophical Explanations In The Mullasdra`s Transcendental Philosophy    Ph.D    seyed majid zahiri mamaghani    1396/06/30
17    Avicenna and Rawls on Justice    Ph.D    Fardin Jamshidi Mehr    1396/06/30
18    The analysis critical of magic, from the perspective of transcendental wisdom, Islamic philosophers and the teachings of Islam    Ph.D    mohammad salari    1396/06/29
19    The role of nature in epistemology and its accessories in Transcendental wisdom    Ph.D    ali jahan    1396/04/17
20    relation between reason and religion on the basis of philosophical hermeneutics    M.Sc.    Mohamad Hasan Najafzade Tehrani    1395/12/26
21    Rational and Lawful goodness and evil for Allama Mozaffar    M.Sc.    MOHAMADTAQI HEIDARI    1395/11/28
22    The relation between Reason and Religion from Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi and and Abdolkarim Soroush viewpoints    M.Sc.    maryam daraby    1395/11/28
23    Pragmatic Argument: a comparative statement of Imam Reza (AS) and Pascal version    M.Sc.    javad shamsi    1395/11/25
24    The influences of humanestic approach on the Muslim neo thinker`s theoology( soroush & shabestari)    M.Sc.    hossein mohammadi    1395/11/19
25    theological methodology of sadough    M.Sc.    Maryam Zareei    1395/06/27
26    Principles of thoughts of Al Ghalia on the subject of matter of Imamah and comparing them to sheikh Sadough and sheikh Mufid`s views    M.Sc.    Hadi Rastegar Moghadam Gohari    1395/03/11
27    -secular morality & religious moralit y on the muslim thinkers    M.Sc.    mahbobeh moghanian    1394/07/21
28    The relation between Reason and Religion from Muhammad ibn zakariya al -razi`s view    M.Sc.    Abdollah bakafayat    1394/06/31
29    Mullasadra`s Epistemology With attention to his opinion about Active Intellect & Horizental Intellect    M.Sc.    zahra nik nezam    1393/12/19
30    A comparative examination of Soroush’s Pluralism Theory and Nasrs’s Transcendental Unity of Religions Theory    M.Sc.    Hanieh sadat Seyedi    1393/10/29
31    Properties of Seyyed Hossein Nasr`s religious studies    M.Sc.    neda maghsoudi mood    1393/10/20
32    A Comparative Study on the Contemporary Religious Neo – Thinkers` Views on the Revelation and Prophetic Experience (Soroush and Abuzayd    M.Sc.    faezeh toloue barakati    1393/10/13
33    In the view of Rumi and Mulla Sadra investigate human intellect    M.Sc.    Razieh Rafiee Balasbaneh    1393/06/29